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Plant stem cells

Our innovative product line based on plant stem cells, derived from unripe grapes, shows that nature is the only ally to take care of our skin in the best way.

These products are based on the fact that stem cells are at the origin of life and have a great self-regenerating capacity in the production of new organs and tissues.


Why do you have to choose plant stem cells?

The answer to this question is given by many scientific studies and researches that have proven the interesting properties of these cells on the human skin. These are the following:

  • ▪ Antioxidant properties
  • ▪ Regenerative properties
  • ▪ Decongestant properties
  • ▪ Anti-inflammatory properties
  • ▪ Photoprotective properties


Another important feature of plant stem cells is their high skin compatibility with human skin thanks to the high content of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), extremely close to the one of human and that stimulate tissue regrowth by conferring an exceptional anti-aging function to the products formulated with these active ingredients.


Did you know that our skin is constantly changing?

For this reason it is important to ensure the constant replacement of new cells with a high potential to differentiate into cells of epidermal tissue. Only in this way it is possible to help our skin to maintain the fundamental balance between renovating stem cells and differentiated cells.


That’s why you have to choose the innovation of our skincare product line "VINORIGINES"!

The main characteristic is the formulation based on the use of plant stem cells from grapes unripe, derived from organic vineyards located in Tuscany.

Unripe grapes contain a high concentration of highly active stem cells that can ensure skin renewal processes.

We have conducted in vivo tests to evaluate the effectiveness of plant stem cells from unripe grapes. The results showed:

  • ▪ Increased antioxidant skin defenses (+124%)
  • ▪ Increased oxygenation of the skin and improved firmness
  • ▪ Decrease in wrinkles depth and thickness
  • ▪ Over 6 hours protection from external agents